Autel MaxiIM IM608 FAQ

Autel MaxiIM IM608 FAQ
Autel MaxiIM IM608 FAQ

Q: Can we use IM608 to get complete data of EEPROM?
A: Yes, it supports.

Q: The only key is not the master key, but everything is normal. 
2009 Toyota Camry, VIN: 4T1BE46K79U323876
Need to add a new key. I would like to know what programming system is needed to add a new key without a master key?

A: Without the master key, you will use the tool which supports to do all keys lost. 
Only the main key can be directly added, and the auxiliary key requires the main key to be used for key programming.
Recommend to buy IM508 / IM608 plus APB112 together, no need to buy XP400 pro additionally.

Q: Hello, I have a few questions for Autel MaxiIM IM608.
First off on the updates.

I understand that this comes with 12 months of being able to update this, and having it be under manufactory warranty. I would imagine that means we can update this again within the next year to have access to 2022 vehicles. Now if we do this, and waited for todo another update for a few years. Would we be able to pay the $800-900 or so in 2024 to get another year of updates (I would imagine meaning having access to up to 2025 vehicles), and would the tool be covered again for manufacturing defects? OR do you have to purchase the update before the year runs out otherwise manufactory warranty does not apply even if renewed later?
Second, would I be required to purchase each year I missed when I eventually updated this a few years down the road, or just the single $800-900 to get it updated to date?

A: Yes, it is developed and will be supported gradually. For IMMO software, we have a team of engineers who is developing, every car brand has the engineer to maintain. This depends on the difficulty of the car's software development and the development progress of our R&D staff, so I can only say that it is partially supported. It is difficult for European cars to support the latest models, while American, Japanese, Japanese and Korean cars are easier to support the latest models.

In addition, we can basically do what others can do on the market, unless those functions which have to do with the original factory, and no other equipment can do it.

Q: Hello, I am interested in
2019 Volkswagen Polo, VIN: WVWZZZAWZJY207468
Need: Add a new key / All key lost
Can I program a used key to another car? Or does the key have to be new?

A: Yes, IM608 supports your model. But the used key can't be programmed, has to be new.

Q: Could you find out for me please if the XP400 PRO will read the ISN on the BMW Ecus using the pc version software.
To use xp400pro with the pc software, not the 508 tablets.

A: No, the tablet is necessary. Reading and writing ISN functions are on the tablet. OBD and G-BOX both need tablets.

Q: Does IM608 work only with the internet?
Most of the videos I see from youtube seem like I have to be connected to the net...can it still perform 100% without the net...all functions.

A: If no internet, many functions cannot be supported
just some simple functions like reading and clear codes, showing data stream, etc.
connection with the internet is for getting the server data, such as the vehicle code calculating needs to connect with the internet.

Q: Does the im608 program a new key for my 2006 Lincoln Navigator. Vin: 5LMFU275X6LJ13868
A: Yes, it supports.

Q: Will this work with my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit with the 5.7 V-8 Hemi? VIN:1C4RJFJT9FC697353, will it also Program the Key Fobs?
A: Yes, you can buy IM508 IM608, it is supported.

Q: Does IM508 + XP400 pro = same function as IM608 for Mercedes Benz?
A: For immo software, yes, they are the same. For diagnose, IM508 = 808, IM608 = 908.

Q: I am interested in IM608, I need to add a new key for my Nissan Altima 2013 1N6ADO7U55C450165.
A: Yes, it supports.

Q: I have a question that does Autel im608 with an xp400 programmer will have the same updates if you want to encode the keys as xp400 pro?
A: yes, the software is the same, the difference is the hardware. but some features can only be supported with XP400 pro.

Q: I have a question about whether the Autel im608 will encode the key to the Renault Trafic 3 in the year 2019 and whether it will encode when all the keys are lost.
A: yes, supported, all key lost is supported.

Q: I have a question about MQB VW lost keys, will it encode the key if so, how much does PayPal cost? What is the waiting time for the return file and whether it will encode the key when the car is in the automatic gearbox or only the manual gearbox?
A: It is 30 dollars for all keys lost, you need to OE key to doing it. as long as the vehicle immo system is an MQB instrument. it is supported.

Q: After a one-year free update, if I do not buy the update service, is it still available? Or should I buy an update service every year? Do the functions and supported vehicles work as before?
A: NO, it has some limitation for some functions for Benz, BMW, VW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford:
1 for Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost
2 for Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost in the vehicle.
3 for Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost (Fast Mode)
4 for Mercedes Benz All Keys Lost (Fast Mode on vehicle)
5 for Mercedes Benz Immo Parts Renew
6 for BMW ECU replacement ( FEM / BDC )
7 for BMW ECU replacement ( CAS 1 / 2 / 3 )
8 for BMW engine ( engine-direct mode )
9 for VW MQB engine replacement
10 for VW IMMO IV replacement
11 for VW Engine MED17 OBD read password
12 for VW Read Password from Engine on Bench
13 for Toyota H Blade Key All Key Lost
14 for Mitsubishi ID47 Smart Key All Key Lost
15 for Ford The year 2020 Mazda 3 and Cx-30 bypass
16 for Ford Mazda ( 2013 ) parameter reset function