All Autel Product Software update Instructions and FAQ

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Software update Instructions

Suitable for Autel MaxiIM, MaxiCOM, MaxiSys, DS808, DS708, AutelTS501, TS601, AL609, AL619, MOT PRO, MaxiDiag Elite, MaxiCheck.....

Autel Scanner Tools FAQ
  1. Update Software and serial number:
1). Update and Registration:
all Autel scanners with SD cards need to register on Autel's official site, and download software program via the machine or connect PC Suite to the Autel server, the software program is bound with the serial number, copy the software from other machines is not allowed, nor the SD card is not allowed to mix-use, otherwise it will lead to authorization issue or wifi mac mismatch.
  1. The related Autel scanner tools include:
DS808, Maxisys, Maxisys mini, Maxisys Pro, Maxisys Elite, TS501, TS601, MD701, MD702, MD703, MD704, MD802, MOT PRO(EU908), AL609, AL609EU, AL609, AL619EU, VAG505, OLS301, EBS301, MaxiCheck AbsSrs, MaxiCheck DPF, MaxiCheck EPB, MaxiCheck Oil Reset, MaxiCheck SAS, MaxiCheck TPMS, MaxiCheck Pro.
     3. Update FAQ: There are two solutions when the software free update period expires, and accordingly software does not work
A. Please copy the original software stored in the SD card, and back it up to a computer or other storage devices, when you need it, just copy the software into the SD card and directly use it.
B. If no backup, please pay for a one-year update, and then download this updated software and other software including all software updates within one year.

2. SD card has a problem, what to do?
  1. Problem: SD cards get damaged or lost accidentally, and cause the machine to prompt "SD card is damaged" or "Please insert SD card" when booting.
Solution: buy a new SD card, and download software via PC Suit to update. If the free update period expires, copy the old software into the SD card; if no backup, please pay for an update.   
  1. Do not casually pull and plug the SD card when the machine is powered, it's easy to damage the machine.
  2. If an SD card is lost without registration via the serial number, please contact our technical support for the registration code, then complete the registration and update.
  3. If you still get the message "SD card not insert" after changing to another SD card, then you may get the SD car slot damaged, please return it to us for repair. 
  1. Update steps:
  1. Maxisys series: click Maxisys---Update, choose the software you want to download
  2. DS708: follow “How to update DS708.pdf"
  3. Other Autel scan tools which can register: follow "Software update instruction.pdf"
  4. Autel scan tools which no need to register”
Model: AL301, AL319, AL419, AL439, AL439B, TS101, TS401, AL519, AL539, AL539B, MV208, MV400.
Open the CD and install the application eg. MaxilinkII I on the PC, browse, download the corresponding update application, run Maxilink II, and choose the well-done update application to update. For detailed operation procedures, please refer to the user manual.
  1. Following Autel models stop production:
MS301, MS310, MS409, MS509, VAG405, JP701, EU702, US703, MD801,Maxi Recorder, Maxi Tester, TS301, EST201, GS500, Oil Reset Tool.
Note: the above-mentioned products are not available with updates anymore, for the latest update software, please browse and click “Old Products” to download.
Autel scanner tools after-sales FAQ
  1. Which year of OBD-compliant vehicles do Autel products work with?
For European cars: cover the OBD-compliant vehicles after the 2006 year;
For USA cars: cover the OBD-compliant vehicles after the 1996 year;
For Asian cars: cover the OBD-compliant vehicles after the 2009 year.
2. WiFi Mac mismatch, what to do?
1). Software worked well before, but now gets the error "Wifi Mac mismatch", please try to click the WIFI page, if no reaction, reboot it and not work, maybe the WIFI module is damaged, please return it to us for repair.
2) You may get a prompt from one single software or from all software, if get it from one single software, please directly delete it and re-download, if all software has an error, please ensure all the software stored in the SD card is downloaded via correct Autel ID not copied from other SD card.
3) If you operate correctly, but get the error "Wifi mac mismatch", please send our technical support with the picture of S/N and WiFi mac address to check whether Autel products management information match or not.
3. Register failure, what to do?
The common reason for registration failure is that the user inputs an incorrect registration code, please pay attention registration code is 6 figures (which can be found on the About page), not the login password. If you input the correct registration code but still get the error message "Product not found", please take a photo of the serial number and registration code, then send it to our technical support to check whether the product management information match or not.
  1. The product has been registered, but it still prompts that the serial number is not registered and cannot be upgraded.
This problem is usually due to the ds708 machine's older management program, please download the newest System Program via PC Suit, and then insert the SD card into the machine.
  1. After the machine boot, it prompts "Please obtain authorization"
Please use a computer with a network connection to log in PC Suit update program tool, after you successfully log in, it will automatically display "Obtain authorization successfully" if you are not sure of the Autel ID corresponding to the serial number, please contact our technical support.
  1. DS708 freezes after boot and gets unknown errors.
Solution: please first try to reboot the machine, if not work, copy "NK(1).bin" into the SD card root directory, then boot again, if still fail to boot the machine, please send the error message to us via pictures or video.
  1. Feedback: machine fails to test the car, what to do?
1). If you get the prompt "not support" or "communication fail" when trying certain functions for some car models, it is likely the software function is not available for the model, or you operate incorrectly. Please upload "datalog" to the server and the engineer will analyze the data and fix the issue. car make, model, VIN, and problem description are required in the datalog.
To know the bug solving process, please tell us the serial number of the machine that uploads datalog and the car model and its VIN.
  1. If all software in the machine can't be tested, please check and test whether the cables are connected well or not, especially the testing main cable.
  2. If certain software is not working with all car models, please check this car's connector, or re-install this software.
8. DS708 get error message: GetSysInfoFromRegTab() failed error
Error: for some older versions of DS708, when they update the operation system from V6.31 to V6.33, they may get the error message "GetSysInfoFromRegTab() failed error" and fail to boot the machine.
Solution: contact the seller and they will send you this application named "scan_arm.exe", and then replace the same named "scan_arm.exe" in the "scan" directory of the SD card, reboot the machine, and the error will disappear.