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MD701/MD702/MD703/MD704 Update Service for 4 Systems to Full Systems

MD701/MD702/MD703/MD704 Update Service for 4 Systems to Full Systems

  • Item No. SS140
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This is an update service for MD701/MD702/MD703/MD704 from 4 systems to full systems. You may purchase 4 systems tool at first and now want full system, no need return for exchange, we help you do it online now.
Cost: 60USD
Process time: 5-7 days

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by Mr.thomas on Aug 22, 2017
hi there I have just bought the MD702 4 systems is there anyway to update its software to MD704 so it covers more car makes on the diagnostics


if so how much.

many thanks
Replied by Essie on Aug 23, 2017
Hello Thomas,
good day!
You can buy this service, offer us your sn number.
No need shipping, operate online.
It will need 5-7 days for our technician to open the update service to you
Best Regards
by Mr.Martin Vogt on Jul 9, 2015
My old MaxiDiag EU 702 had problems with new cars, so I buyed a MD702. I thought it would be possible to add the missing manufacter like Daewoo, Chevrolet and Chrysler like it was at my old MaxiDiag. After searching the Autel-website i didn't find any answers.
Am I right here? If I will buy this Item i would be able to upgrade my MD702 to the coverage like the MD802?

Replied by Cherry on Jul 16, 2015
Dear friend,

It only can be MD702 4 System to MD702 full system

Thanks, best regards!
by Mr.g ware on Feb 15, 2015
hi I purchased an FR 704 tool from you a while ago. can I update the tool from you on line.
Replied by Cherry on Feb 28, 2015
Dear friend,

This is only the MD701/MD702/MD703/MD704 Update service from 4 Systems to Full Systems

hanks, best regards!
by Mr.Thomas Lindberg on Oct 21, 2014
What is the difference between four systems and full systems? (MaxiDiag Elite MD701)
Replied by Cherry on Oct 27, 2014
Dear friend,

The full system have all the function of 4 system, which have more system it can support

Thanks, best regards!
by Mr.Galen on Aug 14, 2014
hello, i have buy this update service, i want to know how to update
Replied by Cherry on Aug 19, 2014
Dear friend,

You give us the serial , and our technician will pen the update service to you\
Then you can update it from

hanks, best regards!
by Mr.Yvonne on Jul 7, 2014
does it not shipped?
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