Autel MaxiSYS MS906S Advanced Diagnostic Scanner 8'' Active Test Bi-directional

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Customer Questions & Answers

Q:What is the difference between MS906 and MS906S?
A:Hi, you can check it:
1. battery: MS906: 5000mAh; MS906S: 10000mAh
2. HDMI 1.4a for MS906S, which MS906 is not supported.
3. ms906s with VCI mini and MS906 just with main cable.
4. Bentley Guided functions is supported by ms906s,ms906 is not supported.
5. MV108 work with MS906S, ms906 is not supported.
6. MS906S works with BT506 for batter test, MS906 is not supported.
7. For update fee: MS906s: 395USD/year, MS906: 495USD/year.
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