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Autel tools update will be free of charge for lifetime


Autel Company make a decision that following Autel tools update will be free of charge for lifetime.

Catogery Product Update cost
Multi-system code reader MOT Pro $0
MD802 $0
MD701 $0
MD702 $0
MD703 $0
MD704 $0
Diagnostic tool with special function MaxiCheck Pro $0
MaxiCheck OIL Reset $0
MaxiCheck EPB $0
MaxiCheck DPF $0
MaxiCheck Airbag ABS $0
VAG505 $0
OLS301 $0
EBS301 $0
TPMS diagnostic and service tool TS501 $0
TS601 $0


Where to get Autel tools?

Make sure buy from an authorized Autel dealer with good quality device and fine after-sales service, more importantly able to register at official site auteltech.com. FYI, I bought from the dealer http://www.autelsale.com/, the customer service is helpful when I have any issue, they response quickly.